Things I Have Not Experienced

As I talk to more and more people within different social media applications, I have learned that I am in the minority on many life experiences. I won’t use the word ‘regret’ when it comes to my lack of trying drugs, but I grow more and more curious about some things. If I knew that I wouldn’t be a subject of a random drug test at work, I would most definitely give weed a few puffs. I would like to have that experience under my belt. The other fascination is acid. I would be very reluctant to try it in any situation but I am ideed curious.
As a teen growing up I was a complete stuck-up judgmental jerk. I thought girls who slept around were whores…I though anyone who got drunk was a complete waste!…And I thought I would be better off being the ‘nice guy’. What an ASS I was!
I met a girl recently who I went to college with and the subject of sex came up. She asked why I never tried to score with her. I said, “what would you have said?” And she said, “it was college…of course I would have…all my girlfriends would have.”


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