These are old issues…so why bring them up?

I like my job. I am in a position to make critical financial and technical decisions for the firm. I enjoy debating with high level execs about their business case vs. mine. I also don’t think twice about knocking someone who is making a horrible decision right down off of their latter, to wallow back down in the mud with the rest of us. So why is it that my record for winning arguments at home is worse than the Cleveland Browns record at the super bowl???
I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a matter of endurance. Wives and girlfriends have endurance…lots and lots…..of endurance. The male method of handling a situation or disageement is this; understand the problem, fix the problem….done. The female method seems to involve how something 5 years ago lead to this issue, assumptions about why something happend, voodoo dolls, and ice cream.
Do you see the difference? I know it’s subtle but it’s there. A recent example is hiw it was my fault that she got a speeding ticket. I was 20 miles away working, yet this was clearly my fault. She claims that I should hve known that cops have a speed trap there. She also claims that she was stressed that ‘I’ didn’t write all of ‘OUR’ bills out the day before. YES! you’ve got it! Women are completely nuts indeed! And they are the kind if nuts that makes a person so willing to give up 3 days of their lives just to make a point. Therein lies the endurance. By day 3, I just want my life back. By day 3 i am done trying to figure out how a business lunch with my female boss 11 months ago fits into the cause of the speeding ticket. By day 3 my dog (male) even took some of the blame because of his need to pee after 8 hours alone. And by day 3 I’m willing to forget any logic or reason and just submit to her commands like the dog I am. Woof!


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