Mominatrix, I bow to thee…

There isn’t much I can say about Mominatrix that hasn’t already been said, but I’ll give it a go. If you don’t already know who Kristen Chase (Mominatrix) is, then shame on you! I don’t care how much you think you know about sex and relationships and sex toys and keeping the fun in marriage and so on… You STILL will benefit from Kristen’s website and radio show.

Here is what Mominatrix is NOT:

  • Porn
  • Oprah fluff
  • Dr. Phil crap
  • Hookup site
  • Erotic, over the top stories
  • Penthouse never gonna happen letters

Here is what Mominatraix IS (in my opinion):

  • Intelligent sex and relationship advice
  • Real life situations
  • Useful and honest reviews of sex books, toys, DVDs, accessories, etc
  • Helpful tasks and challenges to bring the spark back to life or simply add a new idea into your relationship
  • is a hottie (not necessarily relevant to the website but I’m a guy and I noticed…shoot me)
  • Kristen is also your everyday female best friend who you can say anything to and who is comfortable saying anything back
  • Not uptight
  • Not trashy
  • Relates to everyday people, doesn’t feel like you have to be a porn star to have lots of fun
  • Much more but you get the idea

Not only does Mominatrix exist on the web, but she also has a radio show to and an excellent book boot! Below is what you can expect out of both the book and her website:

The Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex will help you get back what’s rightfully yours. No harsh judgments, boring commentary, or embarrassing exercises. Just a frank, funny discussion about sex after kids for new moms and seasoned veterans. From the nitty gritty on pregnancy and post-partum sex to spicing things up when the flame starts to burn out, even a chapter that’s just for the dads, the Mominatrix takes on everything you need to know or want to ask.

So get ready to toss out those mommy jeans and dust off those handcuffs.

Check out Mominatrix as soon as you can…unless you think another expert is more your speed, its your choice…


1 Response to “Mominatrix, I bow to thee…”

  1. February 21, 2010 at 1:53 am

    whats up with dr ruth, the pic brought me to the 80s memories

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