Confession Sunday: I wish…

The cartoon above is just a joke! For the love of god don’t send me an email about how I’m an ass hole, I KNOW this already! Lighten up girls…and the one guy whose wife must be making him write to me. Its cool dude, I know whats up and if it makes your life easier, you can bitch at me all ya want since your lady is spineless. Ok, now…on to the post!
Today’s confession should be an easy one for all…but there are no limits as usual, so your wishes can be anything that’s on your mind. But let’s skip the world peace stuff…stick with things about you or things you’d like others to know. Alright, I’ll go first ya bunch’a’chickens geesh!
-I’d love to be able to sing. And I don’t mean with a good voice, I mean that scream/sing like Axl Rose, AC/DC, Foo Fighters.
-I wish you could all see my 7 year old Rock the House on his drumset. He’s fuckin phenominal and a natural. The feeling I get when I see him do his stick work is pure awe.
-I wish I could be back in racing shape. What I miss most about being an endurance athlete at the top level is how my lungs felt ice cold and huge all day long. If you’re an athlete of extreme endurance you know what I’m talking about, if you’re not…it’s like superman trying to explain how it feels to fly. Impossible.
-I wish I figured out who I was before I was ad old as I am today. I am going to encourage my boys every day to never do anything just to do it, do only the things you love.
-I wish I experenced life more. There are sections of life I’ll never get to that i always dreamed of. That’s ok though, nobody can stop me now at the new things I want and will do.
-I wish I could meet and laugh with 90% of the people I talk with on Twitter. What an amazing group of people. I’d hug them all, experience life with about half, and have raging hot, passionate, uninhibited sex with a handful that would shatter windows and require a short hospital stay when we were done.

Your turn….


4 Responses to “Confession Sunday: I wish…”

  1. 2 ~Kat
    March 10, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve opened this ‘comment box’ only to get a few lines in and scrub the whole thing. Despite the fact that it is WEDNESDAY, I’m giving it another shot.


    To quote George Bailey, “I wish I had a million dollars!” It would be a start, anyway.

    I wish I had not wasted so much time. If I had possessed and used HALF of the self confidence that I’ve mustered in the past 5 years, I cannot imagine how drastically different my life could be right now.

    I wish that I were a ‘runner’. My admiration for people that can lace up a pair of sneaks and hit the pavement for mile after mile knows no bounds. Why can’t that be me??

    I wish that I could ‘disappear’ for a week and go wherever I want and do whatever I want. No questions. No expectations. No filters. Just me and my whims.

    I wish I were bellydancing again. I can’t say enough good things about it and what it meant to me. I want that for myself again.

  2. 3 Ophelia_Drowns
    March 14, 2010 at 12:13 am

    I only have one: I wish my S.O., who is a great partner for me in all ways but one, could be great in that one way as well.

  3. 4 T
    June 19, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Better late than never? I’m reading backwards so kill me. Anyway here are mine…

    -I wish I could still thing well. I can sing, jut not well.
    -I wish I had the courage and strength that others seem to see in me.
    -I wish I could just be happy, one great day of pure happiness, would be enough.
    Oh and the big one…
    -I wish I could go back in time knowing what I know now and see if anything about my life would have ended up the same.

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