Woody’s Challenge: Show us your Skivvies!

I can’t believe the amount of submissions I’ve received from the other Woody’s Challenges, you girls are AWESOME!! This challenge is all about you and your skivvies…are you up to it? And by skivvies I of course mean BVDs, G-string, bikini, boxer shorts, boxers, briefs, corset, drawers, intimate things, jockey shorts, jockeys, lingerie, loincloth (<~ha!), long johns, panties, shorts, smallclothes (WTF?), underclothes, underclothing, undergarment (<~lame), underpants, undershirt, underthings, undies..according to thesaurus.com.

As usual feel free to be creative. You can have them on you, off of you, or….oh…how about coming off of you??!?! Now we're talkin! lol Send all submissions to morningwoody.wordpress@gmail.com and have fun, I know I will!

*Our feature picture and first submission below was given to us by the super fun and crazy @MissIsabel0329

Pic 1

You can follow Isabel on Twitter the lovely and dangerous @MissIsabel0329 showing her stuff!

Pic 2

~~Holy $&€¥! @londonfererra came here to fight!
(I am a genius for adding the part about the ‘panties coming off your body’)
Pic 3 and 4…and 4.1 and 4.2 and 4.omg

~~ I’m lovin those hips WB!

~~ Hmmm…I’m pretty sure I know you, WB. Next time I see you I’m going to smack that bootie! And if you are not who I think you are..I might be in jail for a little bit.
Pic 5

~Hi there… I’m Woody. You wouldn’t happen to know a cozy little warm place near by, would ya?
Pic 6

~Thanks @olapd !! I’m guessing you were so excited about showing off your sexy panties that just before the picture snapped you jumped out of them all cute and naked off camera, then started to get busy…right? Seems logical in my mind.
Pic 7 (set)

~Kat says, “I usually don’t like to wear anything, but I like making you happy Woody. Are you happy?”
-Whoa! Sexy AND submissive!!! Oh yes…I’m a happy boy!
Pic 8 (set)

-she’s posted before, she’s ALWAYS erotic, do you know who she is? Well I do…jealous?
Pic 8

~this one was sent totally anonymous even to me. I’m likin the royal blue!


Pic 9

~ Ha! Skulls, Crossbones, and a little Lip. 😉
Pic 10


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