Confession Sunday…what’s your pleasure?

It’s been a while since we did confession Sunday so I thought webcould ease back into it with something simple. You see, the more I know about you, the easier it will be to seduce you. Let’s get started!
What music or movies or books a person listens to can sure tell a lit about a person. So for this post, that’s all I’m asking, just reply back with some if your favorite things to do, play, read…whatever. I just want to know you better. And to get us started, here are some if my favorites…

These two podcasts are short (20minites-ish), very smart, and very entertaining. Anything from knowing what the CIA was up to with using cats as agents, to why men cheat. The ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast also has an odd attraction fir me. Not only is it smart, but it’s sexy without even trying. The two ladies who host it are obviously recording it from their bed while cuddling with each other…I’m sure of it!

You can also visit ‘Quick and Dirty Tips” on iTunes and find amazing things informative podcasts. Although with a parent name like Quick and Dirty, its not what you think…unfortunately. The tips are from experts like The Dealista, who can give you the best money saving tips while shopping to The Dog Trainer, who has little tricks that make raising your pup easier.  Grammar girl is awesome to keep your noodle sharp, and Nutrition Diva will keep you from growing that second butt you’ve been seeing in the mirror. And there are tons of others from The Modern Manners Guy, Legal Guy, Math Dude, Money Girl (I always laugh at that one), House-Call Doc, Get Fit Guy, and Mighty Mommy. Obviously something for everyone.

And then there is “Uhh Yeah Dude”, which is what you get when you have two pretty smart guys who surely have decided to smoke some weed prior to the show. Lots of laughs, lots of fun, some educational shizzle, but all entertainment.

Nation Public Radio always has some great talent and Tom and Ray are no exception. These two Italian auto mechanic brothers take calls from people around the country about their car problems. Maybe it sounds boring but even my mom likes it, and she doesn’t even know the kind of car she drives to begin with.

iTunes is for more than just entertainment. There are thousands of books on subjects I love, well, one subject..Physics. Yeah yeah, I’m a geek or a dork or whatever but Physics is just my bag. And get this, no matter what the subject is, Philosophy, Language, Arts, Math, History, etc…You can find REAL classes from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Ohio State, UCLA, and on and on…These classes are mostly video podcasts, where you are sitting there with the students. That is unbelievable to me. People who are paying thousands of dollars for that same class you are watching, and you get it for free. The only difference is they get a nice piece of paper from that University, and you get…well…educated.

As far as movies go, I could write forever. But my favorites start with Sexy Beast and the Kill Bill movies. I like a little bit-o-violence with my action/drama/mystery movies.

Ok, well…that’s enough about the stuff I like, now let me know a little more about you please! I love hearing about not so well known books, podcasts, and movies that are diamonds in the rough. But don’t limit yourself to just those, if you have websites or travel destinations or….whatever, spill it!


1 Response to “Confession Sunday…what’s your pleasure?”

  1. 1 ~Kat
    May 11, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Woody –

    I have to LOL and ‘confess’ something to you. You’d suggested ‘Sexy Beast’ to me a while ago and I added to my Netflix cue and shot it straight to the top. It came in and sat around the house for a while because my schedule was just too busy to watch it.

    I got home from work one day and was ambushed. Intervention style. Seems my 15 year old daughter, 16 year old son and my hubby had watched ‘Sexy Beast’ without me that afternoon. They had serious concerns about me and my movie selections. I had to confess that I knew nothing of the film, but had ordered it up after a recommendation from a friend. Now they are concerned about my friend selection.

    Love you, Wood-man, but I didn’t get to see your favorite movie. They had that bad boy packaged up and ready to go back. My daughter said she’d not sleep in our home anymore if that ‘decomposing evil bunny demon thing’ came back on the television again. “HUH?” I asked. “Exactly!” came the reply.

    Dude. WTF ?

    Love and Kisses!

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