Sunday Confession: Woody commissions an Escort…

Ok, so I only commissioned her for an interview, but I still had a great time! I had such a good time that I am not sure I could handle what most people hire her for…but damn if I wouldn’t try! I met Deme Fox on twitter , yes I followed her because she is smoking hot, but she is truly one of the nicest girls I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. She is always there to make you laugh, smile, and feel good about life. How many people do you know like that?? Yeah, not many.

I asked Deme if I could ask a few questions for my readers and she was all for it. I wanted to see if she had any questions for the typical man and woman…and since I dont know any typical men or women, I’ll have to do.As for Betty who helped me write this post, well…she has been kind of AWOL sadly :-(. So until she pops back in, maybe you, the reader, can answer the questions from Deme that are directed to Betty?!?! Sound good? Great. Let’s get started with my questions to Deme….

Woody’s questions:

1. What do you like your profession to be called? Is there a difference between Private Companion, Escort, and Prostitute?

I believe each person would define this profession as what they choose it to be. I personally refer to myself as an escort or companion, since that is the level of service that I provide to my clients.
2. Are you 100% self employed or do you have anyone arranging dates for you and taking a cut?
I am Independent. I take care of all aspects of my business. I also have a part time affiliation with a Toronto Agency, whom I also do bookings with for their clients. Any of their appointments, they make a cut of the appointment, since it is their booking.
3. How would I know I wouldn’t be getting into any kind of legal trouble? Does your ‘Donation’ payment method always work?
Well here in Canada, laws are different. Escorting is legal, the act of solicitation is ILLEGAL. Money exchanged is strictly for one’s time.
4. Are you in a relationship now? Does your work cause conflict or does he/she ask jealousy type questions?
I am involved with someone. Trust and communication are the most important factors in order for us to not get jealous. It does happen, on both our parts, it’s only natural. He knows things about me, that no one else know’s that I hope helps him stay reassured in our relationship. Communication is a vital part of our relationship, as is trust.

5.What are your feelings on monogamy, and if you are in a relationship, would you let your partner go out with another Private Companion?
I personally would like the man I choose to be with to be monogamous. If he feels that he needs to be with a Private Companion,(without including me.. lol) there is something lacking in our own relationship, and I would only hope that he communicates that with me.
6. Give me an example of one of the best nights you had, in as much detail as possible :-).
That is a hard question to answer. I believe the best nite for me would be with the person that I am involved with. YET, I have alot of great times that I spend with my clients. The one that would be the most memorable for me, was with a client who had prepared an evening for my birthday. This was years ago, but he had a reservation at a fine dining restaurant, theater tickets, and a nice evening out for drinks. A very thoughtful night, which was a surprise.
7. And an example of one of the worst nights you have had… One of my least favourable nights at work was years ago. A client slipped some drugs in a new girls drink .. the poor thing was petrified. She wanted to go to the hospital, no one else wanted to go with her. I ended up being the only one that was willing to go. I cancelled all my appointments. (agency was not happy) Stayed with her for most of the night, until I had to go home. The next day she had the nerve to say that I ended up stealing her money (she owed the agency money). Lesson learned on my part.
8. What do you think you know about men that most women don’t know or understand?

I believe after working in this industry I have been fortunate to see that men crave intimacy and affection just as much as women do. It is a misconception that men are haredened, and are unable to show their feelings. They are just as insecure as women, and require the same affection and intimacy that a woman requires. Women and men are no different, they just express themselves differently. Especially in the bedroom.

9. What is the most outrageous thing you have been asked to do…and you did it?
The level of clients that I see now are not requesting outrageous things. They really are great guys who treat me really nicely. Not the case back in the day. I use to have alot of guys wanting ROLEPLAYING and Light Domination. Yes I did it. I use to tie them up and for some reason the idea of them being my little “slut” turned them on.

10. Can I get a discount? 😉

When you visit..call me up!! 😛
Betty’s Questions:

1. How did you decide that you wanted to be an escort? Was it a conscious decision or were you kind of pushed into it via circumstance, etc

My decision to become an escort was due to my circumstances. I had lost my job and needed money. I took time to think about it, (about 1 week) so it was very much a conscious decision. Started out at an agency, and the rest is history.

2. Has sex become more mechanical to you since it is your “job”, or do you still really enjoy it?

Yes at times you can find yourself slipping into the mechanics of the “job”.. this is why I have a minimal amount of appointments per week. I don’t want to feel robotic.

3. Are you ever hired for non-sexual situations; i.e. escort to events, etc. or is it solely a sexual transaction?

My appointments are based on the time that I spend with my clients. It can range from a dinner appoitment, to attending an event, or staying in. It really varies on what the client’s preferance is.

4. Is it hard for you to get aroused for a client if they are not attractive or if you’re really just “not in the mood”?

There is more to intimacy then a person’s appearance that can get you aroused. Even the most attractive person, doesn’t always necessarily know what to do, or doesn’t treat you great. There are many factors that you take into account, to help you get yourself in the mood, and a working lady know’s what to do, to assisst herself in this process if need be. 🙂

5. Have you ever turned someone away after you were hired, either for looks or just because they gave you the heeby-jeebies?

I alway trust my gut feeling, therefore If I don’t feel right about an appointment, I leave. Since I book my own appointments, there is enough of a screening process to ensure that this does not occur.

6. Does your family know what you do? I would tell my family, if it were me. Have you told yours? Why or why not?

No, my family does not know what I do. They are “OLD SCHOOL”, and would not be able to understand my decision, nor accept it.

7. How long have you been doing what you do?

I started this job when I was 25.. was in it for a few years..left the industry for several and returned about 3.5yrs ago.

8. Is this something you always want to do or is it a stop on the road to a certain career? If it is, what career are you planning?

I’ll be leaving ending my job this year. I am in the process of establishing an agency and having other ladies work under my label. I also have other goals in my life that are unrelated to this industry.

9. I’ve never seen you (obviously) so I am curious: Have you had plastic surgery? Face? Body? Was it for the job or a personal choice? Do you regret it?

I have NEVER had plastic surgery. I am all natural in my appearance. Face & Body.

10. Are you a health freak? Like eating well, exercising, etc? What is your number one beauty/health secret? (I’m a girl!! I’m curious!!)

I am not a health freak but I do watch what I eat. I do like to indulge in my sinful foods as well. I do exercise (3-5x’s /week) Drink water when you can. I eat what I want..but I do have things in moderation.

Beauty tip: Bronzer.. Luv it! and luv my lipgloss! Gotta have kissable lips!
QUESTIONS for Woody..
1. When you think of an escort.. what is the first thing that comes to mind? Why?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a controlled and legal way to pay for sex. The ‘why?’ is because I think that in the US it is well known that this loophole of paying for a womans time is also a way to buy sex.

2. Do you believe that Escorting should be legalized in the U.S.A?

I DO believe it should be legalized. I feel that sex crimes would go down and my mood would rise :).

3. Do you think that Escorting is a safe way for men/women to access intimacy or do you think it is just plain wrong? Explain.

I think that escorts would be best to teach couples how to be more open and intimate. And I agree with your statement that men want this intamacy more than women think we do.

4. Would you ever date an escort? Why or Why not?

I would not in terms of a relationship, I am the jealous type and I would have a very hard time with your day to day work. But I would go out with an escort for a fun date now and then without it getting to deep emotionally.

5. What is the one thing that intrigues you about escorts that prompted you to survey me? (other then the obvious) *giggles*

What intrigues me is that you are an extremely kind person with a huge heart. Your knowledge if what men desire is important for my female readers to know.

QUESTIONS for Betty…(and for the readers of this post)
1. When you think of an escort..what is the first thing that comes to mind? Why?
2. Do you believe that Escorting should be legalized in the U.S.A?
3. Have you ever had the thought of being an Escort? Why or Why not?
4. You stated that if you were and escort, you would tell your family. Do you believe that they would be accepting of your choice if you chose to be an escort? Why or Why not?
5. If you found out your boyfriend saw an escort, how would you feel?
Hugs and kisses…
Deme Fox..xox

Thank you so much Deme! If only I knew about you sooner 😉

6 Responses to “Sunday Confession: Woody commissions an Escort…”

  1. 1 TK
    June 6, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    Love this post and love Deme to death. Yes I follow her on twitter as well and have to say I’ve never met a more down to earth person in my life. And since Betty is MIA, I’ll add my two cents worth of answers to Deme’s questions…so here goes

    1. The first thing that comes to mind is class. A woman who is offering her time, mind, and skills as a service to a man or woman (however they choose to spend that time is up to them). As for the why, I see a difference in the words that Woody used (Private Companion, Escort and Prostitute) I also see a difference in the woman or man how is providing this service, it’s as much what they get out of it as it is what they are providing.
    2. Yes I DO believe it should be legalized. I believe it would change the the lives of those considered prostitutes who are trying to make their lives better by the only means they have at the moment. I also believe that it would help to get so many people off of the streets.
    3. No I have never had that thought. The reason has everything to do with self-esteem. I don’t consider myself worth someones time for free, let alone as a service.
    4. Since I’m not Betty, I would have to say I would never tell my family. I’m more in the mind set of Deme on this question. My family is very “old school” as well and would never understand or accept it.
    5. This is a hard one, it would all depend on why he did it and whether or not it was a reoccurring thing. Either way we would need to communicate better to see what it was we both wanted from our relationship.

  2. 2 Pattygurll
    June 6, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    when I hear escort i think of a person who sells comfort and sex. Legalize in US…it happens regardless. ….No I’ve never thought of being an escort. ..my family would not ever be supportive of This so no I wouldn’t tell my family…if I found someone I Love was using an escort when they had me…I would be very saddened. j

  3. 3 Tonya
    June 7, 2010 at 1:04 am

    1. No opinion
    3. No and for obvious reasons.
    4. No
    5. If it was a boyfriend, it would be over. If it was a husband and there were kids involved then I would have to find out what is making him stray outside the marriage. Am I boring after x many yrs of being together or is it the excitement or is he still fulfilling his duties with me or has it stopped altogether. Then I would throw out some of my own options like do you want to be swingers baby because no way are you getting yours and me not get mine! I want to know her and her significant other as well and we can call it even, And one rule, no going back for seconds!

  4. May 19, 2013 at 11:14 am

    The stuff is rather significant.

  5. September 26, 2013 at 7:08 am

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get
    four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

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