Woody’s Challenge: Curves Ahead!

Ahhh…my favorite type of post is back! It’s another Woody Challenge, Wooohooo!!! This challenge is pretty darn simple in that there are MANY ways to interpret it. “Curves Ahead” can mean anything from the classic profile image, like you see my lovely friend Kat (@KatTait) rocking off to the left here, or it can be a specific body part that you like from a certain angle. Bottom line; if its curvy and sexy…I want it! Clothed, not clothed…wet, not wet…the options are endless. The important thing as that you send your submission into me via email to MorningWoody.WordPress@gmail.com in the next few days. As always, you can remain anonymous, or you can send me your twitter handle/web addy to draw even MORE attention to yourself!

A few quick words about my friend Kat. First of all…would you LOOK at that booty! My goodness!! Ok ok…sorry, that’s not what I meant to say. Kat has been a friend for a long time. She is one of those girls who just gets it right, and by ‘it’, I mean life. If she is going through a hard time, she still smiles and knows it will all work out, and when she is having fun, she wants all her friends included to share the fun. She has a beautiful family..(yeah yeah, her husbands a good guy too…whatever)…and she is crazy-haired-physics-dude smart! She is also someone you will eventually all know because she is a kick ass actress. Her break is coming…I just know it.

Thanks Kat, for being such a great friend, you rock!

-Now send in your pics, bitches!!! 😉


Pic 1

The first submission sure is a nice one! Thanks Tea!

Pic 2

Little Ms. Anonymous giving us a curvy booty shake! Luv it!
Pic 3

@mystagenameis always takes such amazing pictures! All kinds of curves going on there…shhhhh…I’m tryig to trace them all with my mind!!
Pic 4

~guess who this is correctly and I’ll drop my pants….maybe…unless you’re a dude…or a bitchy stuck-up hag or a judgemental jackass! You know what, fuck it, I’m keeping my pants on ya sick bastards!
Pic 5

Ohhh…welcome to the fun, Wildcat! You know, I looked up wildcat and it’s main food source is the squirrel, and the squirrel is the holder of nuts…should I be scared??
Maybe I’m over thinking that one. Can someone please pull the string on her hip….it’s begging to be pulled!
pic 6

Lil Fili knows exactly what I like…teased!!
Pic 7

@devlzadvoct giving a detailed close up curve picture…i see more ROUND than curves but im willing to accepted it based on its hotness.


Pic 8

@LondonFererra has exactly 28 curves showing that I…uh…appreciate. Yeah. I need a tissue….no..a towel…get me a &*^%$ towel!


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