Sunday Confession: Making Love vs. Sex.

I was recently asked by a friend…”Can you separate love and sex?” at least I think that was her question. I was too busy starring at her low cut shirt to give the question my full attention. Anyway, let’s just pretend I’ve recounted the conversation correctly, ok?
Now I’ve thought about this before and this is how I answered: “yes, making love feels very different. To me’ making love raises the sensitivity in my chest, heart, lips, and eyes. I feel a need for all of those parts to be as physically close to my partner as possible for the entire time.” As for sex, actually to be more specific..as for fucking, it’s my mouth (not really the lips), hands, stomach, hips, cock, and ass that are all at level 10. There is no need for closeness or intimacy. The need is for all of those parts to feel blunt pressure, blunt force, and to use their muscular strength.”
And yes, I can make love to the same woman who I also fuck. But that second part has so much more to do with her ability and attitude than it does mine.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on my male perspective as well as your feelings between the two. So come on up off your knees and talk to me for a minute. 🙂


3 Responses to “Sunday Confession: Making Love vs. Sex.”

  1. August 8, 2010 at 4:47 am

    Making love involves slow controlled movements. Kissing deeply while moving slowly. Touching soft and deep. Pouring your thoughts and feelings through your fingers and lips and body.
    Sex steps it up a notch in physical intensity, but drops off the emotion. It is strong and solid.
    Fucking is pure animal force. Trying to pour yourself into another physically. Pressing each inch of your body into and past the other. Squeezing, pinching, spanking, thrusting. Fucking is all about the feel. Fucking is about taking pleasure and giving pleasure.

    And if you ever had me on my knees baby you would never ask me to get off of them.

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