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Sunday Confession: Making Love vs. Sex.

I was recently asked by a friend…”Can you separate love and sex?” at least I think that was her question. I was too busy starring at her low cut shirt to give the question my full attention. Anyway, let’s just pretend I’ve recounted the conversation correctly, ok?
Now I’ve thought about this before and this is how I answered: “yes, making love feels very different. To me’ making love raises the sensitivity in my chest, heart, lips, and eyes. I feel a need for all of those parts to be as physically close to my partner as possible for the entire time.” As for sex, actually to be more for fucking, it’s my mouth (not really the lips), hands, stomach, hips, cock, and ass that are all at level 10. There is no need for closeness or intimacy. The need is for all of those parts to feel blunt pressure, blunt force, and to use their muscular strength.”
And yes, I can make love to the same woman who I also fuck. But that second part has so much more to do with her ability and attitude than it does mine.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on my male perspective as well as your feelings between the two. So come on up off your knees and talk to me for a minute. 🙂


Sunday Confession: Woody commissions an Escort…

Ok, so I only commissioned her for an interview, but I still had a great time! I had such a good time that I am not sure I could handle what most people hire her for…but damn if I wouldn’t try! I met Deme Fox on twitter , yes I followed her because she is smoking hot, but she is truly one of the nicest girls I have ever had the pleasure to talk to. She is always there to make you laugh, smile, and feel good about life. How many people do you know like that?? Yeah, not many.

I asked Deme if I could ask a few questions for my readers and she was all for it. I wanted to see if she had any questions for the typical man and woman…and since I dont know any typical men or women, I’ll have to do.As for Betty who helped me write this post, well…she has been kind of AWOL sadly :-(. So until she pops back in, maybe you, the reader, can answer the questions from Deme that are directed to Betty?!?! Sound good? Great. Let’s get started with my questions to Deme….

Woody’s questions:

1. What do you like your profession to be called? Is there a difference between Private Companion, Escort, and Prostitute?

I believe each person would define this profession as what they choose it to be. I personally refer to myself as an escort or companion, since that is the level of service that I provide to my clients.
2. Are you 100% self employed or do you have anyone arranging dates for you and taking a cut?
I am Independent. I take care of all aspects of my business. I also have a part time affiliation with a Toronto Agency, whom I also do bookings with for their clients. Any of their appointments, they make a cut of the appointment, since it is their booking.
3. How would I know I wouldn’t be getting into any kind of legal trouble? Does your ‘Donation’ payment method always work?
Well here in Canada, laws are different. Escorting is legal, the act of solicitation is ILLEGAL. Money exchanged is strictly for one’s time.
4. Are you in a relationship now? Does your work cause conflict or does he/she ask jealousy type questions?
I am involved with someone. Trust and communication are the most important factors in order for us to not get jealous. It does happen, on both our parts, it’s only natural. He knows things about me, that no one else know’s that I hope helps him stay reassured in our relationship. Communication is a vital part of our relationship, as is trust.

5.What are your feelings on monogamy, and if you are in a relationship, would you let your partner go out with another Private Companion?
I personally would like the man I choose to be with to be monogamous. If he feels that he needs to be with a Private Companion,(without including me.. lol) there is something lacking in our own relationship, and I would only hope that he communicates that with me.
6. Give me an example of one of the best nights you had, in as much detail as possible :-).
That is a hard question to answer. I believe the best nite for me would be with the person that I am involved with. YET, I have alot of great times that I spend with my clients. The one that would be the most memorable for me, was with a client who had prepared an evening for my birthday. This was years ago, but he had a reservation at a fine dining restaurant, theater tickets, and a nice evening out for drinks. A very thoughtful night, which was a surprise.
7. And an example of one of the worst nights you have had… One of my least favourable nights at work was years ago. A client slipped some drugs in a new girls drink .. the poor thing was petrified. She wanted to go to the hospital, no one else wanted to go with her. I ended up being the only one that was willing to go. I cancelled all my appointments. (agency was not happy) Stayed with her for most of the night, until I had to go home. The next day she had the nerve to say that I ended up stealing her money (she owed the agency money). Lesson learned on my part.
8. What do you think you know about men that most women don’t know or understand?

I believe after working in this industry I have been fortunate to see that men crave intimacy and affection just as much as women do. It is a misconception that men are haredened, and are unable to show their feelings. They are just as insecure as women, and require the same affection and intimacy that a woman requires. Women and men are no different, they just express themselves differently. Especially in the bedroom.

9. What is the most outrageous thing you have been asked to do…and you did it?
The level of clients that I see now are not requesting outrageous things. They really are great guys who treat me really nicely. Not the case back in the day. I use to have alot of guys wanting ROLEPLAYING and Light Domination. Yes I did it. I use to tie them up and for some reason the idea of them being my little “slut” turned them on.

10. Can I get a discount? 😉

When you me up!! 😛
Betty’s Questions:

1. How did you decide that you wanted to be an escort? Was it a conscious decision or were you kind of pushed into it via circumstance, etc

My decision to become an escort was due to my circumstances. I had lost my job and needed money. I took time to think about it, (about 1 week) so it was very much a conscious decision. Started out at an agency, and the rest is history.

2. Has sex become more mechanical to you since it is your “job”, or do you still really enjoy it?

Yes at times you can find yourself slipping into the mechanics of the “job”.. this is why I have a minimal amount of appointments per week. I don’t want to feel robotic.

3. Are you ever hired for non-sexual situations; i.e. escort to events, etc. or is it solely a sexual transaction?

My appointments are based on the time that I spend with my clients. It can range from a dinner appoitment, to attending an event, or staying in. It really varies on what the client’s preferance is.

4. Is it hard for you to get aroused for a client if they are not attractive or if you’re really just “not in the mood”?

There is more to intimacy then a person’s appearance that can get you aroused. Even the most attractive person, doesn’t always necessarily know what to do, or doesn’t treat you great. There are many factors that you take into account, to help you get yourself in the mood, and a working lady know’s what to do, to assisst herself in this process if need be. 🙂

5. Have you ever turned someone away after you were hired, either for looks or just because they gave you the heeby-jeebies?

I alway trust my gut feeling, therefore If I don’t feel right about an appointment, I leave. Since I book my own appointments, there is enough of a screening process to ensure that this does not occur.

6. Does your family know what you do? I would tell my family, if it were me. Have you told yours? Why or why not?

No, my family does not know what I do. They are “OLD SCHOOL”, and would not be able to understand my decision, nor accept it.

7. How long have you been doing what you do?

I started this job when I was 25.. was in it for a few years..left the industry for several and returned about 3.5yrs ago.

8. Is this something you always want to do or is it a stop on the road to a certain career? If it is, what career are you planning?

I’ll be leaving ending my job this year. I am in the process of establishing an agency and having other ladies work under my label. I also have other goals in my life that are unrelated to this industry.

9. I’ve never seen you (obviously) so I am curious: Have you had plastic surgery? Face? Body? Was it for the job or a personal choice? Do you regret it?

I have NEVER had plastic surgery. I am all natural in my appearance. Face & Body.

10. Are you a health freak? Like eating well, exercising, etc? What is your number one beauty/health secret? (I’m a girl!! I’m curious!!)

I am not a health freak but I do watch what I eat. I do like to indulge in my sinful foods as well. I do exercise (3-5x’s /week) Drink water when you can. I eat what I want..but I do have things in moderation.

Beauty tip: Bronzer.. Luv it! and luv my lipgloss! Gotta have kissable lips!
QUESTIONS for Woody..
1. When you think of an escort.. what is the first thing that comes to mind? Why?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a controlled and legal way to pay for sex. The ‘why?’ is because I think that in the US it is well known that this loophole of paying for a womans time is also a way to buy sex.

2. Do you believe that Escorting should be legalized in the U.S.A?

I DO believe it should be legalized. I feel that sex crimes would go down and my mood would rise :).

3. Do you think that Escorting is a safe way for men/women to access intimacy or do you think it is just plain wrong? Explain.

I think that escorts would be best to teach couples how to be more open and intimate. And I agree with your statement that men want this intamacy more than women think we do.

4. Would you ever date an escort? Why or Why not?

I would not in terms of a relationship, I am the jealous type and I would have a very hard time with your day to day work. But I would go out with an escort for a fun date now and then without it getting to deep emotionally.

5. What is the one thing that intrigues you about escorts that prompted you to survey me? (other then the obvious) *giggles*

What intrigues me is that you are an extremely kind person with a huge heart. Your knowledge if what men desire is important for my female readers to know.

QUESTIONS for Betty…(and for the readers of this post)
1. When you think of an escort..what is the first thing that comes to mind? Why?
2. Do you believe that Escorting should be legalized in the U.S.A?
3. Have you ever had the thought of being an Escort? Why or Why not?
4. You stated that if you were and escort, you would tell your family. Do you believe that they would be accepting of your choice if you chose to be an escort? Why or Why not?
5. If you found out your boyfriend saw an escort, how would you feel?
Hugs and kisses…
Deme Fox..xox

Thank you so much Deme! If only I knew about you sooner 😉


Confession Sunday…what’s your pleasure?

It’s been a while since we did confession Sunday so I thought webcould ease back into it with something simple. You see, the more I know about you, the easier it will be to seduce you. Let’s get started!
What music or movies or books a person listens to can sure tell a lit about a person. So for this post, that’s all I’m asking, just reply back with some if your favorite things to do, play, read…whatever. I just want to know you better. And to get us started, here are some if my favorites…

These two podcasts are short (20minites-ish), very smart, and very entertaining. Anything from knowing what the CIA was up to with using cats as agents, to why men cheat. The ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast also has an odd attraction fir me. Not only is it smart, but it’s sexy without even trying. The two ladies who host it are obviously recording it from their bed while cuddling with each other…I’m sure of it!

You can also visit ‘Quick and Dirty Tips” on iTunes and find amazing things informative podcasts. Although with a parent name like Quick and Dirty, its not what you think…unfortunately. The tips are from experts like The Dealista, who can give you the best money saving tips while shopping to The Dog Trainer, who has little tricks that make raising your pup easier.  Grammar girl is awesome to keep your noodle sharp, and Nutrition Diva will keep you from growing that second butt you’ve been seeing in the mirror. And there are tons of others from The Modern Manners Guy, Legal Guy, Math Dude, Money Girl (I always laugh at that one), House-Call Doc, Get Fit Guy, and Mighty Mommy. Obviously something for everyone.

And then there is “Uhh Yeah Dude”, which is what you get when you have two pretty smart guys who surely have decided to smoke some weed prior to the show. Lots of laughs, lots of fun, some educational shizzle, but all entertainment.

Nation Public Radio always has some great talent and Tom and Ray are no exception. These two Italian auto mechanic brothers take calls from people around the country about their car problems. Maybe it sounds boring but even my mom likes it, and she doesn’t even know the kind of car she drives to begin with.

iTunes is for more than just entertainment. There are thousands of books on subjects I love, well, one subject..Physics. Yeah yeah, I’m a geek or a dork or whatever but Physics is just my bag. And get this, no matter what the subject is, Philosophy, Language, Arts, Math, History, etc…You can find REAL classes from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Ohio State, UCLA, and on and on…These classes are mostly video podcasts, where you are sitting there with the students. That is unbelievable to me. People who are paying thousands of dollars for that same class you are watching, and you get it for free. The only difference is they get a nice piece of paper from that University, and you get…well…educated.

As far as movies go, I could write forever. But my favorites start with Sexy Beast and the Kill Bill movies. I like a little bit-o-violence with my action/drama/mystery movies.

Ok, well…that’s enough about the stuff I like, now let me know a little more about you please! I love hearing about not so well known books, podcasts, and movies that are diamonds in the rough. But don’t limit yourself to just those, if you have websites or travel destinations or….whatever, spill it!


Confession Sunday: I wish…

The cartoon above is just a joke! For the love of god don’t send me an email about how I’m an ass hole, I KNOW this already! Lighten up girls…and the one guy whose wife must be making him write to me. Its cool dude, I know whats up and if it makes your life easier, you can bitch at me all ya want since your lady is spineless. Ok, now…on to the post!
Today’s confession should be an easy one for all…but there are no limits as usual, so your wishes can be anything that’s on your mind. But let’s skip the world peace stuff…stick with things about you or things you’d like others to know. Alright, I’ll go first ya bunch’a’chickens geesh!
-I’d love to be able to sing. And I don’t mean with a good voice, I mean that scream/sing like Axl Rose, AC/DC, Foo Fighters.
-I wish you could all see my 7 year old Rock the House on his drumset. He’s fuckin phenominal and a natural. The feeling I get when I see him do his stick work is pure awe.
-I wish I could be back in racing shape. What I miss most about being an endurance athlete at the top level is how my lungs felt ice cold and huge all day long. If you’re an athlete of extreme endurance you know what I’m talking about, if you’re not…it’s like superman trying to explain how it feels to fly. Impossible.
-I wish I figured out who I was before I was ad old as I am today. I am going to encourage my boys every day to never do anything just to do it, do only the things you love.
-I wish I experenced life more. There are sections of life I’ll never get to that i always dreamed of. That’s ok though, nobody can stop me now at the new things I want and will do.
-I wish I could meet and laugh with 90% of the people I talk with on Twitter. What an amazing group of people. I’d hug them all, experience life with about half, and have raging hot, passionate, uninhibited sex with a handful that would shatter windows and require a short hospital stay when we were done.

Your turn….


Confession Sunday: Massage

Here we go again. It is time to let the world know a little more about you! There seemed to be a bit of confusion about the last Confessional Sunday, so I want to clear it up. You absolutely DO NOT have to post your name/avatar/etc. You can post your comment anonymously in the comments section or by sending me an email here-> and I will post it for you. But you may also feel free to post as youself or alter-ego. Get it? Got it? Good. After all, my site is all about saying exactly what I want without worrying about judgement because nobody knows who I am anyway. This is the chance for you to tell your story without being judged by those you know too! So come on!!! ‘Fess up!

For todays confession, we will be talking about massage experiences. I’d like to hear your stories of how you received a little more, or less than expected by a proffessional LMT. What happened? What was your reaction? Did you ever go back to the same person, etc?

I also received some ‘complaints’ on the last Confessional because I didn’t offer up my experience. Fair enough, I’ll offer my stories when I can in each of these posts too.

I go to the same therapist about every two weeks in the summer. I race moutain bikes so my training is difficult and the races themselves are brutal enough that my legs are pure concrete by the time I see my LMT. she works out of her home and has a dedicated office for clients, she does a fantastic job and I wouldn’t switch for nothin’! Well, this past summer her airconditioning in the house died a sad death. It was boiling hot in her room. Just laying there I was sweating even with a fan going. She wasn’t fairing any better since she was doing all the work. She asked how I was doing with the heat and we both laughed and I said, “it’s pretty freakin awful, I’m not going to pretend it’s not.” So she went to get another fan and when she came back she casually said, “you know, I don’t care if you don’t want the sheet, I trust you.” and all I said was “oh…ok.” meaning I acknowledged what she said and in my mind I could think that over. But the “ok” to her was read as a “yep, take it off.” so she swiped the sheet off and dropped it on the floor. At first I was pretty taken back and didn’t know where this was going. But she remained proffessional and kept the conversation going and without a sheet, she worked on more of me than usual, all except for Woody Jr. of course. I could tell that even though it was still a proffessional massage, she was a bit blushed too (I bet my face was tomoato red, thank god for the heat as an excuse for that!).
But now when I go back, she doesn’t even ask, she walks in sheet comes off, and she gets to work. I’ll admit that I like it, nit in a perverted “oh she’s looking at me!!” way. I simply feel like I’m getting something special that others don’t. Kings must have felt like this back in the day with their ‘staff’ giving attention to their every need. I dont think I would ever do the nude beach thing, but I do get it, I kind of understand it now. It’s a bit liberating and I am very relaxed…it’s my one hour of being totally taken care of, she’s never said one word positive or negative about anything, so im very comfortable and I don’t feel at all as if I’m being judged…I love it! Ok…your turn!


Confession Sunday

Every Sunday on Morning Woody, I’ll be asking three questions and I’d love it if you would leave a comment to one or all questions. Are you ready? Here we go….

1. Do you use sex to get what you want more that have sex for love or fun?
If it’s to get what you want, was it material or a desired behavior?

2. Have you ever done the ‘Sharon Stone leg cross’ to tease a stranger or a co-worker?
Explain, and feel free to talk slowly and repeat yourself often.

3. Have you ever stopped a sexual encounter because it was simply an awful performance from your partner?
Did you tell them the truth or give an excuse as to why you had to put on the brakes?

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