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Driving it home….

My lease is coming up on my car and I really don’t want to lease again.Β  Two reasons, im tired of not owning anything, and my son is going to be 16 in 6 years. So whatever I get, its going to be his. So I have to think like a commuter, a dad, and a teenager. Trying to find a happy medium in all of that is pretty rough. I have my price set, $18,000 and no more. That means it will either be a lame new car, a a decent used car.

The reason I am posting this is because I’d love some assistance from all of you wonderful readers. What’s your take on what an adult commuter car, safe car, and cool first teen car? I’m up for any discussions or ideas. And if you don’t comment, well I guess you don’t love me anymore. (feel guilty yet??? You dont?! Well F U then!!)


Woody’s Challenge: These boots were made for f*<€!@%Β₯…

It has been WAY to long since I’ve asked my readers to pose naked for me…so let’s not wait any longer!
This challenge is easy peasy lemon squeezy so I BETTER get the most submissions ever dammit!
The challenge is ‘Sexy Heels and Sexy Boots.” and let’s be clear about something. I DO NOT have a shoe or foot fetish…but I DO love to see a woman using heels and boots in a very seductive way. Big difference! The feature pic above is from the ALWAYS sexy and wonderful @londonfererra. Thanks babe!
Send your submission to and as always, you can remain anonymous or you can tell me to link the picture to your website or Twitter account. What’s stopping you?

@londonfererra isn’t shy and she lives close to me! Hmmmm…..
Pic 2

Wwwoww! Now that’s the spirit if what I was trying to capture! You know me so well Ophelia! πŸ˜‰
Pic 3

Thank you SJ! I just love that ass…i mean heels…yeah…we’re all just looking at the heels.


Pic 4

This is my new friend @SaDiECrAzYbABe and she is…well…crazy. But definitely worth the follow just for her photo shoots (sexy not porn..i think), but she truly is a great girl and so far hasn’t tried to kill me.
Pic 5

Looks like @DragonPurrPurr is heading out for the night ;).
Pic 6

Mmmm…heels and panties…you anonymous tease you!


Pic 7

One of my very best friends ~Kat. As kind hearted as she is sexy!
Pic 8

~~Dev got so excited for this challenge that she dropped her panties. O think I’m going to like her πŸ˜‰ .


Confession Sunday…what’s your pleasure?

It’s been a while since we did confession Sunday so I thought webcould ease back into it with something simple. You see, the more I know about you, the easier it will be to seduce you. Let’s get started!
What music or movies or books a person listens to can sure tell a lit about a person. So for this post, that’s all I’m asking, just reply back with some if your favorite things to do, play, read…whatever. I just want to know you better. And to get us started, here are some if my favorites…

These two podcasts are short (20minites-ish), very smart, and very entertaining. Anything from knowing what the CIA was up to with using cats as agents, to why men cheat. The ‘Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast also has an odd attraction fir me. Not only is it smart, but it’s sexy without even trying. The two ladies who host it are obviously recording it from their bed while cuddling with each other…I’m sure of it!

You can also visit ‘Quick and Dirty Tips” on iTunes and find amazing things informative podcasts. Although with a parent name like Quick and Dirty, its not what you think…unfortunately. The tips are from experts like The Dealista, who can give you the best money saving tips while shopping to The Dog Trainer, who has little tricks that make raising your pup easier.Β  Grammar girl is awesome to keep your noodle sharp, and Nutrition Diva will keep you from growing that second butt you’ve been seeing in the mirror. And there are tons of others from The Modern Manners Guy, Legal Guy, Math Dude, Money Girl (I always laugh at that one), House-Call Doc, Get Fit Guy, and Mighty Mommy. Obviously something for everyone.

And then there is “Uhh Yeah Dude”, which is what you get when you have two pretty smart guys who surely have decided to smoke some weed prior to the show. Lots of laughs, lots of fun, some educational shizzle, but all entertainment.

Nation Public Radio always has some great talent and Tom and Ray are no exception. These two Italian auto mechanic brothers take calls from people around the country about their car problems. Maybe it sounds boring but even my mom likes it, and she doesn’t even know the kind of car she drives to begin with.

iTunes is for more than just entertainment. There are thousands of books on subjects I love, well, one subject..Physics. Yeah yeah, I’m a geek or a dork or whatever but Physics is just my bag. And get this, no matter what the subject is, Philosophy, Language, Arts, Math, History, etc…You can find REAL classes from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Ohio State,Β UCLA, and on and on…These classes are mostly video podcasts, where you are sitting there with the students. That is unbelievable to me. People who are paying thousands of dollars for that same class you are watching, and you get it for free. The only difference is they get a nice piece of paper from that University, and you get…well…educated.

As far as movies go, I could write forever. But my favorites start with Sexy Beast and the Kill Bill movies. I like a little bit-o-violence with my action/drama/mystery movies.

Ok, well…that’s enough about the stuff I like, now let me know a little more about you please! I love hearing about not so well known books, podcasts, and movies that are diamonds in the rough. But don’t limit yourself to just those, if you have websites or travel destinations or….whatever, spill it!


Woody Challenge: Ink and Steel

Aaaaaand….here…weee……go! YES it’s that fun tine again to show me and the other MW readers what you’ve got! This challenge is all about Tattoos and Piercings. Make it sexy or make it just about the Ink itself…however you wanna play is A-Ok with me! So email me your submission at and be sure to tell me if you want your identity called out via your website, Twitter name, alias, real name, or wish to remain anonymous!


Set 1

Here is @grnladybug , who is one of the sweetest girls I know. I had no idea she had so much ink!


Pic 2

@Uless says:…So we got matching claddagh tattoos on the arches of our feet. The claddagh is an Irish symbol for love, loyalty, and friendship


Pic 3

This is the lovely @londonfererra . And after seeing this…I have no idea who I am, or what this post is about. What time is it anyway? Why am I on a bus? Where the &*%$ are my pants?!?!

Thanks London…you got me all twisted sideways again…someone come pick me up.


Pic 4

You should follow the ultra-talented @skottichan , an amazing artist, check her profile for her site.

Hot tattoo! Thanks for posting!
Pic 5

Hey! It’s @mystagenameis and her cute bootie! Oh…yea…the tattoo is cool too. πŸ˜‰
Pic 6

Thanks Tasha ( @tashaism ) for being a new follower and for sharing these great pics! Stunning ink and such a cute baby!
Pic 7

Some beautiful pics from Erotic Author @cbreazile Is it me or is it painfully obvious to everyone else that just from these pictures alone…you can tell that the rest of her body is delicious?? It’s not just me is it…didn’t think so. {licks lips}.
And looky here, she just put the finishing touches of her ink yesterday..Looks amazing! Tattoo is nice too. πŸ™‚


Pic 8 …just a sweet girl living life a tad close to the edge πŸ˜‰
Pic 9

From Australia, my friend @stepfanie_kate shows her amazing Ink and a few of her other…assets ;).


Baseball is NOT a sport.

I know I’m going to piss off a lot of people with this post, but what can I say, get your own damn blog or feel free to comment if you feel strongly about it. I’m not the biggest sports fanatic around. I don’t have favorite teams and I don’t kick the cat if my home town team loses to its rival. To get that excited about a sport or entertainment that i have no personal investment in, is beyond me. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy sports. I loved playing football, hockey, soccer, and basketball as I grew up. I competed in cycling and triathlons at the semi-pro level and dedicated several years of my life trying to make it big. So it’s not like I’m a video gamer who sits on the sofa, I just don’t get ultra-passionate about sports.
Now for my pet peeve in the sports world and the focus of this post…baseball. The fact that these baseball players take themselves so seriously as atheletes is as annoying as a sunburn on my ass on the same day my personal spanking dominatrix, Vixonish, is scheduled to beat me…but I digress. There are indeed some excellent atheletes that play baseball, but that’s because of their own ambitions, and has NOTHING to do with having to BE an athelete to play baseball. The overweight and over paid players spend 90% of the gametime either standing, or sitting. NOT an athletically demanding event in the least.
I justify all of this because you could…and stay with me here…YOU COULD replace a starting baseball player with a 10 year old kid, and it’s possible that the kid COULD out perform the pro. I’ve checked, and there are plenty of games where a starting player did NOTHING…not one hit, not one catch, and you could say the player went into the negatives by making an error. Now…replace that player with a kid and it could be that the kid gets a lucky hit, or fields the ball that the pro errored on, correct? You know I’m right. Sure, I’ll admit there is skill involved, but that’s as far as I’ll go. And the kid could certainly last the entire game from an endurance perspective. That is, if he doesn’t pass out from boredome first.

Now let’s see if that same kid can be placed in other sports where ATHELETES play. Football…no way, the kid would get killed and couldn’t keep up the endurance. Basketball, nope..again with the endurance. Running, cycling, swimming…no, never.
Do you see where I am going? I can’t become a fan of a ‘sport’ where a starting player can be replaced and potentially bettered by a 10 year old. And for the love of god, don’t come back to me with “…but there is a mental strategy…a psychology to the game.” Really? What sport doesn’t have that? Get over it baseball players. You’re playing a kids game!
I leave you with a few parting “athelete” pics…


Free-runners play tag to The Beastie Boys.

Free-Running is a new fad (dare I call it that), but it sure as hell isn’t hacky sack! If you are not in absolute top physical shape, you’d better just stay home. However, if you want to be ever so slightly impressed…sit back, relax, and watch these guys do some wild stuff to the sound of The Beastie Boys.


A party that only my NuckingFutsMama could love…

I suppose I have to explain who NuckingFutsMama is to anyone who is reading this that isn’t cool. NuckingFutsMama is the shit! That’s pretty much how I have to say it, and I don’t even talk like that. The Nucking Futs Mama blog and Twitter feed (and check!…her!….out! I’d feed her my twitter any day!). Yes, so I have a Twitter crush, shoot me. But the fact is, she is an awesome breath of fresh air. She shows no shame in poking fun at herself and exposing how God, along with the Mother Nature who also happened to pick up Bad Karma hitch-hiking, seem to always want to play a little joke in her every day life. You can’t make this stuff up, and this past weekend, it happened to me. I had a NuckingFuts moment that I will now share with you.

It was my son’s 7th birthday party. He invited his entire 1st grade class, of which half showed up. So I made reservations for 16 kids at a cool place where indoor putt-putt golf is 100% glow in the dark. Even for adults its pretty cool. There are two party rooms that are separated by a large stage-like curtain. The place was loud!! Between tons of screaming sugar-caffeinated 7 year olds, the music, and the adults trying to talk over the kids…you mostly had to use hand signals to communicate.

The party was going great! My two boys were having a blast, all his friends were laughing and playing and so far, I hadn’t lost a single kid. Queue Jerry Springer. Yes, out of absolutely nowhere the party room next to ours went into a full fist flying, chair throwing, clothes ripping, kids screaming fight! There were screams of pain, screams of shock, screams of profanity, metal smashing metal, metal smashing human sounds that replaced all the other sounds previously mentioned. Full room panic, adults and kids scattered everywhere in the dark. SHIT!

I find three kids heading away from the group and I grab them by the shirt, carrying them back to the Woody heard like a wolf carries its pups. I move all of my kids (and clueless adults) back into a corner and I now am a bouncer…nothing getting in, nothing getting out. Until I see the two sub 100lb teenage girls who were the only ones working there, run straight into the fight to try and ‘calm things down’ by tapping said fighters on the shoulder. SHIT!

So I tell my group to stay put..DONT MOVE! I run into the Jerry Springer show, grab the girls by the arms and yank them out of there. I said, “Just call the police and let that crowd kill themselves if they want. You’ll only get hurt if you try to stop it.” So that’s what they did. Now during all of this, members of each side of the fight kept running in and out of the building. I had no idea how many were inside or outside. No idea if they went out to get weapons or help, so I stayed put.

FINALLY the cops show up in full suburban force. Their guts bouncing like an 80 year old woman’s double D’s on a pogo stick. Guns out, they decide they dont have enough manpower (see; courage) to do anything until the real City police show up. The real cops don’t take out their guns, but their night sticks get a good work out.

So I think, finally…some control. But I forgot about the parents coming to pick up their kids. SHIT! Most parents, it seems, came to pick up their kids just as the place was being raided. My iPhone was vibrating enough to please most of my twitter followers. Freaked out parents, cussing me out, wanting to know what happened, blah blah blah. Did I expect a ‘thanks’, no..maybe not. But maybe a bit of gratitude for not just being concerned for my own kids and bailing outta there. Oh well, I don’t like most of those parents anyway.

Body count stats at party:

Arrested: 5

Hospitalized: 2

Team Woody: 100% A-OK for the WIN!

Next year, I think I will take them all to the Running of the Bulls. These parties are getting harder and harder to top each year!

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